11 Reception Suggestions

Over the years we have gleaned some practical ideas on musical performance which we would like to share with you which will help create a great reception. A Summary of our previous thoughts.

1) Don’t put the older guests next to the dance floor & speakers. Seat the younger crowd closer to the speakers, generally tables nearer to the Disc Jockey.
2) Keep the events and party moving at a nice pace. While we don’t suggest a rush of the events, it is highly advisable to start the dancing promptly after dinner and the cutting of the cake. Remember your guests do not dance until you have danced, and many will be very anxious to get on the floor to celebrate with you.
3) Dim the house lights. Darker is better than lighter for dancing. Many people feel like less of a spectacle when they think they’re harder to see. Special effect lighting stands out best in a darker room.
4) Realize the importance of playing sets of music. When guests come out to dance to a certain type of music they are likely to stay out there for similar songs with a similar beat. The two keys in keeping momentum going are; playing sets and beat mixing to avoid dead air time between songs.
5) If you have a choice, have the bars in the main dance room. Preferably closer to the dance floor, but the floor shouldn’t be in the way of the lines to the bar. If a bar is located outside the main room, then a huge percentage of potential dancers are unavailable.
6) It is best for any traditional events or speeches to be done and out of the way before dancing begins. It is also best if all the pictures of the bridal party and bride & groom to be done, when at all possible, before the dancing begins.
7) If you have a choice, a dance floor that is “too small” is better than one that is “too big.” It creates the impression, whether real or not, that the floor is full. It’s psychological, people are more likely to dance when the crowd on the floor is packed, than when they feel like the only ones out there.
8) Don’t cram your entertainment out of the way, your entertainment should be seen. Entertainment should not be viewed as just some side show.
9) Since the older crowd generally leaves first, it is advisable to early on have a romantic set.
10) Keep the doors closed as much as possible. Having them open invites people outside the main room & allows more light into the room. You want to keep your guests focus in the reception room for as long as possible.
11) When choosing your music remember to pick both your personal favorites and music your guests will dance to. This will help make your reception special, fun & memorable.

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