Bridget & Paul Dance the Night Away with their Guests

Yes, all night long on October the 13th Paul & Bridget (Horn) Welsh along with their spirited guests keep the dance floor filled from “Wanna Be Startin'” by Michael Jackson till the very last song; “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie. This was the case where The Downtown Chicago Maggiano’s ( dance floor was completely packed because Paul & Bridget picked the right songs which they & their guests really enjoyed. They also customized the cocktail hour & dinner hour selections. We encourage our clients to customize their music selections based upon what they think will work. They did a great job here. We then read the crowd & played sets of tunes and let the music do the magic. We played everyone of their songs. It made us look good. Goes back to our theme of “You Pick The Music, We Keep Them Dancing.” That’s teamwork at it’s best.

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