Celebrating with Anna & Josh


I had a great time with some great folks on November 29 at the Midwest Conference Center celebrating with Josh & Anna (Laky) Meyer at their wedding reception. They choose the music including their key songs and provided us a list of many of their favorites which included many country and rock selections. We also played some specific requests chosen by their guests. Key songs included; Bride & Groom introduction – “It Goes Like This” by Thomas Rhett, cake cutting – “God Gave Me You” by Dave Barnes and 1st dance – “I Don’t Dance” by Leo Brice. The dancing was spirited throughout the evening up to and including the last song. The entire event had a great family atmosphere to it. Josh & Anna come from amazing families.It was also wonderful to again see Pat & Natalie Baldwin, we performed at their reception in 2012 and recommended us. Best wishes to Anna & Josh in their life together.



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