Cocktail & Dinner Music, Two Distinct Periods

Our advise for you is to make sure that you distinguish between the cocktail hour and dinner time. They should be 2 seperate and distinct periods of your event. You should therefore choose different music for each period. To have 2 and a half hours of the same exact music would not be wise. The music genres could be similar while still being different. For example our Rat Pack Collection (, Cool & Swing Collection (, Contemporary Ballads ( and Italian American Favorites ( are all classic and romantic with a touch of swing, but each is different and has it’s own special quality and theme. Some of our clients will mix a couple of the collections together while others will add additional artists to a particular genre and still others will create their own lists from scratch. Whatever way you choose to do it make sure you make the cocktail hour music different form dinner music. Your guests will appreciate the variety.

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