Do Dance Lights Make a Difference?

Decisions, Decisions. Lights or No Lights. If Lights What Kind? Music & the atmosphere the DJ creates is the key to the reception, yes even more important than lighting. Where does dance lighting come in? Well let’s see.
3 types of people attend events from a dancing perspective.
1) The Non Dancers – They won’t dance not mater wht you put on fast or slow. You don’t want to force them, so let them enjoy by soaking it up by watching & talking.
2) The Party Animals – They will dance to almost anyting as long as the music is decent.
3) Those in the Middle, the key to the party – They will get out and dance if A) The music is the genre they enjoy. B) Through pier presure, they won’t be the first ones out there, but they will get out there if their friends are out there. And C) If the feel the atmosphere in the room. This is where lighting can help make it happen.

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