Everybody Dancing with Chris & Amber

Everybody dancing & nobody sitting. The Dance Floor was filled all night long.

What a reception celebration for Chris & Amber (Callender) McCall on August the 18th at the classic & spacious Memorial Hall, Civic Center in downtown Racine, Wisconsin over looking Lake Michigan. This one required a 4 speaker set up for great sound. After a cocktail period and receiving line we introduced the bridal party from the balcony (see photo) to the Beach Boy’s “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” segueing into “The Eye of The Tiger” by Survivor while the bridal party shot off souvenirs with nurf guns to the guests below. The 3 dads took center stage with 2 toasts and a blessing. After the meal, with tunes from the Rat Pack, Chris & Amber really got into cutting their wedding cake & made a bit of a mess of each other (check out the photo). After the specialty dances the bridal party did a snowball dance and recruited other couples on to the dance floor. By the next song just about everyone was out on the floor, as the photos attest. It was that way till the end of the night when we finished up with “American Pie.” Smiles by all. What music worked? Well just about everything from Current Top 40, Oldies, Classic Rock, Line Dances, Country and Romantic. Great to work with photograhers from Langhoff Design (www.langhoffdesign.com) and video with Athenas Eyes (www.AthenasEyes.com).

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