Gangsters/Mob Night in Arlington Heights


It’s not every day that The Windy City Hitman have the occasion to draw from their name and deep library of music and deliver tunes to create the atmosphere for a Mob/Gangsters themed event. Just five blocks from our headquarters, in Arlington Heights, was the location of this exciting event on the evening of August 2 at the home of Hal & Dawn Selleck. The vast majority of guests were dressed up to the hilt. You would have thought that Al Capone and Tony Soprano were both in attendance. Hal & Dawn spent considerable amount of time and effort planning this event full with ambience and props. Their guests totally enjoyed the gaming/casino room and photo booth. Soprano rerun flicks were being run. The Italian themed food was delicious, catered by Jeremy Naselli and his fine crew at HOME MADE CHICAGO CATERING (
What kind of music did we play? For the 1st three hours we drew heavily from our Italian American Favorites (, Rat Pack (, &
Roaring 20’s & 30’s ( Collections. The Soprano’s Theme was played throughout the night, every half hour.
Later, when a lap dance instructor came, we put on her requested rap and hip hop tunes to go along with her instructions. The last hour consisted of a variety of tunes including Current Top 40, Oldies, Motown, Classic Rock & some Romantic. Check out the photos for all the fun, color, action and smiles. We loved the atmosphere, food, the guests, music and the commute time.


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