Gary at Motown!

IMG_4734It was so great to be standing on “Sacred/Historical Music Ground”. I have always wanted to visit the original Motown Studio A in Detroit Michigan which started in 1959 with a $800 loan. The studio, a converted garage (about 12 x 15 x 28) & the sound room, a converted kitchen was the scene of some of the greatest music recordings of all-time. Both the recording sessions, editing and decisions were made in this room. The question founder Berry Gordy, Jr. would ask is would you spend a dollar for a sandwich or this recording? Truly Motown was the ultimate music factory in the Motor City producing hit after hit after hit. Gordy was a pro and a near perfectionist, sometimes demoing a single recording over 500 times to get the best sound and he hired a professional staff to train and mentor his basically recruited high school talent from the inner city of Detroit.
Hitsville Studio
What defines the Motown Sound?
Legend & long time Motown VP, Smokey Robinson, defined it as having 3 key elements:
1) Soul
2) Harmony
3) & The Detroit Philharmonic Orchestra (sounds of strings & brass not electric guitar & hard drums)

Our Top Motown Dance Songs:


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