Guest Requests? Some Thoughts….

We ask you if you want us to take music requests from your guests? You make the call. We take nothing for granted. It’s 50/50 with our clients. Some do & others don’t.

If you do allow us to take requests here are some guidelines we suggest & follow:

1) Requests must not include songs on the do not play list.
2) Requests should never take the place of or squeeze out special must play songs.
3) Requests should be good danceable music and not just listening songs which might be played during cocktails.
4) Special song dedications are not allowed unless approved by our client.
5) We will not play songs with inappropriate “4 letter” language unless approved by our client.
6) We will not go out of our way to announce the solicitation of requests.
7) Just because a song is requested does not mean that we will necessarily put it on right away, but instead will match it up in a set with similar tunes.
8) Limit an individual guest to 1 or 2 requests at most.
9) The person requesting the song must dance to it.
10) Some of our past clients have limited requests to parents and bridal party members only & others have asked that we only take requests after a specific time in the evening.

Remember our ultimate goal is to keep your dance floor packed & not necessarily to play as many guest requests as possible.

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