Halloween Dance Fun at Woodlawn Middle School


Always enjoy playing and dressing up for a Halloween Event. The students at Woodlawn Middle School in Long Grove joined DJ Gary (a gangster), dancers Jessica (a pink lady) and Chris (a 50’s greaser) for an evening of excitement, activities and thrills. Students dressed up in cool costumes, enjoyed pizza & treats, experienced a haunted house and danced to a balanced mix of Halloween Favorites, Current Top 40 and Specialty Dances. The activities included YMCA, Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, a Limbo Contest and a fantastic Hula Hoop Contest. We even did Halloween TV/Movie Trivia. The kids nailed the Theme from The Twilight Zone, The Adams Family, “Triller” by Michael Jackson and “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” from the Wizard of Oz but could not identify the Theme from the Munsters. Check out the photos for all the smiles & colorful costumes. Happy Halloween.

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