How Do You Keep The Dance Floor Packed?

4 Keys To Maximinizing the Excitement At Your Event

Play Sets Of Music. Let’s keep the momentum going. Guests dancing to a particular type of music will continue to stay on the floor if similar music is played. Playing sets of music in a row produces excitement, energy, and continuity on the dance floor. Let’s not clear the floor by playing one type of song at a time, your guests will sit down after just one dance.

Cut Out The Dead Air Time. Your Guests need to be dancing, not waiting and standing around for a song to gain momentum. Let’s eliminate the unnecessary long build up and drop off times. With our Apple I Mac Computers we mix tunes and match the beats seamlessly by trimming off the dead air time between songs and do it so skillfully that the guests on the dance floor don’t realize there was a transition. Guests aren’t wondering if the DJ forgot to put on the next song.

Customize Your Music. You know best what you and your guests will dance to. We are big believers in letting you make the choices in music variety.
Use our website or written planning forms to tell us what you want played as well as what you do not want played.

Reading The Dance Floor. We are experienced at reading the crowd to determine if a song will work, how long a particular set of music should last, and what kind of music should be played next. We don’t just play right thru a list of music. Being knowledgeable of all eras and types of music gives us a great advantage when painting the big picture on the floor with great dance music.

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