How Many Songs do you play in a Dance Set?

IMG_8010Because we believe so strongly in playing “Music Sets” to keep the dance floor filled, clients have asked me how many songs make up a dance set?

There is no clear cut answer it all depends on many factors:
1) How is the crowd on the floor currently reacting to what we are playing? Are they still moving & dancing and enjoying the moment? Momentum is key.
2) How many people are on the dance floor? The total number of attendees must be considered.
3) Are more people getting on the floor than leaving the floor?
4) How early or late in the evening is it? As the evening progresses it is more prudent to play longer sets since by this time most guests have had a taste of their particular favorite type of music.
5) The client’s music list of tunes and music requests. How focused is the list on particular genres?

A set is 2 or more songs of the same type. Typically, early in the evening 2 song sets are common, later 3 or more is typical. If we put on a song and few people dance to it, we will move on to something different. Our goal is having guests dancing and not just playing through a music list. We always enjoy hearing from our clients on their goals prior to their event.

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