How Many Songs for Dance Time?

When picking your dance music, factor in that approximately 17 to 18 songs will be played per hour with an average song lasting about 3.2 minutes. Then multiply that by the number of dance hours.
You should have 2 goals in mind when choosing your music; balancing (1) the music that defines you, the music you like and (2) the music which will get your guests dancing.
It is most importantly your celebration and you deserve what you want. While the songs listed on our play lists are those most requested by our clients, they are but a small portion of our comprehensive music library. The Windy City Hitman Disc Jockeys have over 100,000 titles to choose from. Pick your favorites, add any songs not on the lists and note any of your do not play songs. You have the choice of planning your celebration by either filling out the printed forms or by completing the on line planning forms found on the main menu. Submit your forms via mail or e-mail no later than a month prior to your event.
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