Josh & Amanda have Fun with Friends

Josh & Amanda (Schmidt) Longtin had both their ceremony & reception at the Garden Terrace ( in Elk Grove on July the 14th. The ceremony was held outside with cocktail, dinner & dance inside. Their 1st dance they had Joe play; “The Way You Look tonight” by Frank Sinatra. They and their guests danced to their selections, including sets of Oldies featuring the Beatles, Disco, 80’s with Michael Jackson & Romantic Songs. They enjoyed doing a dollar dance. Throughout the evening their names were featured in lights, slowly moving on the ceiling & walls ( The floor was filled with their friends dancing during the evening. Check out the testimonial below by Scott who was in attendace that night, a good friend of Josh & Amanda and who is also our Apple Computer Expert & Manager of the Genius Department at the Apple Stoore at Woodfield Mall. Yes we love mixing on our Apple iMacs.

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