Let’s Personalize your Event not just Customize it

When ordering food/meat at a fine restaurant we tell them what we want and how we want it, whether the meat is to be rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or well done. That is our food is customized to order. What we don’t do is tell them how to cook our food. That is where we trust the restaurant and their cook to prepare the food as we ordered. We trust in their professional service, in their quality expertise and in their outstanding reputation.
Likewise our clients over the years have trusted in our vast experience, wisdom and reputation to deliver the service they expect and deserve on their big event day.
That being said we at Windy City Hitman DJs are so much more than just order takers who just do what you ask and customize your requests, but instead personalize your event by not just working for you but working with you to deliver the best possible experience and result. Listening, understanding and appreciating your desires teamed up with our expertise and service produces the ultimate result: not only satisfied clients but clients who are thrilled and willingly share their joy and smiles with others and referrals.

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