Matt & Emily Celebrate All Night Long


Oh Yeah, it was such a wonderful experience to have been at The Royal Melbourne Country Club ( in Long Grove on June 29 to “trip the night fantastic” with Matt & Emily (Beckley) Franz, family & friends. It was such an amazing evening I had such a great time enjoying everybody dancing to the music I was playing. Matt & Emily choose the songs, this time without guest requests, and I then painted the musical picture in living color by reading the crowd, knowing the music, beat mixing, playing sets & drawing upon nearly 25 years of dance party experience. The result, well check out the video testimonials & photos; the dance floor was again totally packed all night long. In fact even before the bride & groom dance, the floor was packed with guests as I played oldies ( & 50’s jitterbug tunes ( to get the crowd warmed up during the transition between dinner & dance. We then had to clear the floor for Matt & Emily’s 1st dance. Both sets of parents; Jim & Karen Beckley & Mark & Paula Franz were a joy to be with. The Grandparents were a blast also. Kim Olson at Royal Melbourne was great to work with. Rat Pack for cocktails outside on the balcony & then a preselected country collecton of tunes played during dinner. With a bit of a litterary theme we could not pass up Jimmy Buffett’s “Love in the library”. Introduced them with “Star Wars” theme songs in the background. Big emphesis on Rock, Power Ballads ( and Oldies. Finished the night with “Sweet Caroline” & then “Friends in Low Places” back to back. Best wishes in your life in Tennessee Matt & Emily.

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