Microphone Tips

Having a good microphone system is vital to the success of every event. Since we are in the communication business why not communicate with the best. Earlier this month our system was put to the ultimate test, when a videographers’ pre-tested microphone went bad (hissing, buzzing & static) at a ceremony. We had our cordless mike ready to go that sounded like pure gold and we also had a corded mike in reserve! Everyone could hear the difference. Here are a few suggestions on microphones at celebrations:
•Bring the best. We like the Shure 58 cordless. Allows for usage from anywhere in the facility.
•Bring a 2nd corded microphone as a backup, also a Shure.
•Test both microphones before the event begins, for both clarity & volume setting.
•Here is one that is often overlooked, instruct those who are going to use the microphone for a speech, toast or prayer how to properly hold & use the mike beforehand. Since our wireless Sure 58 mikes are “Unidirectional” (sensitive to sounds from close to the mike & rejecting sounds from a distance) we recommend holding the mike no more than 1 to 3 inches from the mouth. If held waist high no one will hear.
•The DJ needs to be able to adjust the volume control for each individual speaker since each voice is different.
•Always bring a backup battery for the cordless mike.

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