New Years Excitement at Parmesans

I could not have had more fun than I did at the New Years celebration at Parmesans Station ( in Tinley Park.

This is how the countdown went:
– “Get Ready” by Rare Earth with about five minuets to go
– into “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder during the last two minuets of the countdown
– HAPPY NEW YEAR announced
– immediately followed by “Auld Lang Syne” by Guy Lombardo with Balloons & Confetti dropped in perfect timing from the balcony
– into “In The Mood” by Glenn Miller
– followed by “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond
– and then “Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas
– right into a set of Current Top 40
The sold out crowd was treated to a great Italian dinner followed by nonstop dancing to their favorite tunes ushering in the New Year. Michael and his fine staff were as wonderful as always with a friendly attitude and awesome service. The restaurant was decked out an eye catching array of colorful decorations. The This is one party were the key to success was playing too and reading the crowd. Guests stayed on the dance floor. The dancing was over the top to a vast variety of genres of music including Classic Rock, Oldies, Motown, 80’s Alternative, Romantic Ballads, Current Top 40, Disco, Funk, Country & Western and Line Dances.

The night ended perfectly with a great Country & Western set. We need to do this again next year. Happy New Year
Check out and enjoy all the exciting photos and colorful action videos


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