Our 1st dance together, at the beginning or after dinner?

IMG_0388Good question, with no definitive answer. On the East Coast you would most likely experience a bride and groom having their 1st dance right after the introductions and before dinner whereas on the West Coast the mind set is to wait to have the 1st dance until after dinner. There are advantages to each approach. Advantages and reasons to doing the 1st dance early are many including;
1) Immediately after the introductions one already should have the attention of the crowd. The focus of attention which is on the bride and groom from the introductions will easily remain on them for their 1st dance. Taking advantage of a captive crowd.
2) Usually more than any other time of the reception, introductions is when everyone is in the main room.
3) Many couples desire to do it early on due to nerves, that they are the freshest, it is the way they have seen it done in the past or it is the family custom.
4) Breaks up the specialty dances.
The justification for waiting to do the 1st dance until after dinner are:
1) It is great way to start out the momentum for an exciting dance time celebration. A way of foreshadowing and encouraging guests to get ready to join them on the dance floor after the specialty dances.
2) Saves a most anticipated and exciting moment for later.
3) Tradition and/or personal preference.
4) Keeps dance time dance time.
As you can see there is no absolute right or wrong way when to do it. So decide in your heart what is best for you. Either way the DJ/MC must engage and inform the guests and do it with the proper balance of personality, enthusiasm and professionalism. To do the 1st dance right, DJ must keeping the focus of attention on the bride and groom and not on him or herself.

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