Packed Dance Floor All Night Long


It was wall to wall action on the dance floor throughout the entire night. Cannot remember one song, not one song were at least 50 dancers were out there. For most of the night 100 – 200 plus were dancing. Darrick and Maggie held their ceremony and reception celebration at Indian Lakes Resort ( in Bloomingdale on August 16. The key was reading the crowd and playing music sets. After Darrick finished a mother/son dance medley to Eric Church’s “That’s Damn Rock n Roll” where other family members were joining in, I followed it up with another tune with the same beat and Southern Rock style from our Southern Rock Collection (; Don Henley’s “All She Wants To Do is Dance.” The result was to continue the momentum and a totally packed dance floor. No matter what, country, current Top 40, 80’s Dance, Oldies, Classic Rock, 50’s Jitterbug, Romantic and Southern Rock the floor was always filled to capacity. I just loved their creative choice for both cocktail and dinner music; 50’s ERA Rockabilly and Jitterbug ( The guests just loved it. It brought the older guests back in time and gave the younger folks lively music to bob their heads too. I also played for their outside ceremony, during introductions played a specific song for each couple introduced and had a wonderful Anniversary Dance.
Check out the photos & videos for all the non-stop action on the dance floor. Darrick & Maggie, thanks for having me. Best wishes in your life together.


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