Katie & Kevin Celebrate at Pazzo’s


I have always had a great time entertaining at Pazzo’s (https://pazzoschicago.com) in Downtown Chicago, and June 6 for Kevin & Katie (Flaherty) Ward’s Reception was no exception. The sound was solid and clear with our four speaker system setup, designed for crowds over 200. The dance area was packed all night long. Guests loved the variety of sets we planned for the evening. No matter what I put on it was like magic; whether Current Top 40, Motown, Rock, Romantic Ballads, 50’s Jitterbug or a large set of Country Tunes. The Anniversary Dance was wonderful as well as line dances such as the “Electric Slide”, “YMCA” and “The Twist.” The Chicago Blackhawks wee playing that night and Katie & Kevin, being devoted fans, had me play “Chelsea Dagger” (The Blackhawks song) at full volume every time they scored a goal. The Hawks happened to score two goals within a matter of minuets during dinner and on both occasions the guests erupted to the news of a Hawks goal. By the way the intro songs were “Chelsea Dagger” for the bridal party and “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley for Katie & Kevin. Irish and Celtic selection were played for cocktail and dinner. They cut their cake to “Sugar, Sugar”. Every detail was personalizzed to Kevin & Katies wishes. It is a pleasure to again work with Faye and the fantastic staff at Pazzo’s. Best wishes to Kevin & Katie in your life together. Please enjoy the action packed photos & videos.


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Sunday Outdoor Wedding Fun at The Grove


It was a joy to be with such a fine Christian couple; Daniel and Jenna (Wright) Trew on their Wedding Day at The Grove – Redfield Estates (http://www.glenviewparks.org/facilities-parks/grove-redfield-estate/) on May 31. We were involved in the ceremony and reception which were both held outdoors. After the Christ centered ceremony and a cocktail period filled with instrumental jazz and love songs everyone moved to the pavilian for dinner and dance. Daniel and Jenna had fun with their wedding cake as evidenced by one of the photos. Their first dance was “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. Inaddition to their key songs they also submitted a list of many other favorites which received excellent response on the dance floor including Current Top 40, Romantic, Classic Rock, Disco and some 90’s. Line Dances were also a hit including The Chicken Dance as caught on video. The Guys particularly tore up the floor to “Jump On It.” The Generation/anniversary Dance was a big success in honoring married couples on the dance floor with Jenna’s grandparents being recognized as the longest married couple. Ended with “The Time” by The Black Eyed Peas. Good to work again with Refined Dinning (www.RefinedDiningCatering.com). Thanks again for having us. Best wishes to Daniel and Jenna. Marriage is a wonderful portrait and reminder of Christ’s Love for His Church. Check out the action photos and videos.



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12th Annual Salute 5K & 10K Run

Blog#239-Salute May 24, '15 - 12 of 18

For the 12th year I have had the honor and privilege to provide the sound system and music for The Salute (http://www.saluteinc.org) 5K & 10K Run and Walk in Arlington Heights. With well over 900 runners supporting our troops and their families the event did not disappoint. I setup two systems, one at Minor School for the start & the other at Recreation Park for the finish. Played Chicago Oldies as the runners warmed up and spectators arrived, put on The Rolling Stones “Start Me Up” as the gun started the runners and as always played from both our Pariotic Collection (http://www.windycityhitman.com/630/patriotic/) and from our Salute Collection of Running and Rock Songs as the runners approached the finish line. Great weather, always good to work with Bonnie Greene, and a special thanks to my great group of volunteer students who assisted me in a great way in setting up and taking down the equipment. As a bonus I already knew them and they already knew me as “Mr. Gary” because they had me on numberous occasions as their substitute teacher at Thomas Middle School.

Blog#239-Salute May 24, '15 - 18 of 18
Blog#239-Salute May 24, '15 - 2 of 18

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Jackie & Matt Celebrate at Stonegate

Blog#238 - 5-15-15 Stonegate - 17 of 21

It was a real privilege to be with Matt & Jackie (Hendrix) Hrgich for their Wedding Ceremony and Reception on May 15 at The Stonegate Conference & Banquet Centre (www.thestonegate.com). The dancing under a full light show was excellent and full of fun and energy. Jackie & Matt submitted to us their key songs on our planning forms inaddition to a list of about 15 of their favorite tunes including selections of sets of Disco, Funk, Current Top 40, Romantic and many Country Hits (Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Garth Brooks). Every song was a hit on the dance floor. Toward the end of the night, as was planned, we put on a ’90’s set of Boys Bands such as Boyz to Men, En’Sync and the Beastie Boys. Check out the action photos and videos. Thanks again, Jackie & Matt, for having The Windy City Hitman at your Wedding. Best whishes in your life together.

Blog#238 - 5-15-15 Stonegate - 12 of 21

Blog#238 - 5-15-15 Stonegate - 8 of 21

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Jazlynn & Kevin Unite in Christ

It was a most blessed time to be the Master of Ceremony/Disc Jockey at Kevin (Halloran) & Jazlynn (Garcia) Wedding Reception on May 9 at the Historic Wilder Mansion (www.WilderMansion.Org) with friends and family. It is especially special for a wedding of two Christians who love the Lord in which their marriage is a perfert portrait of Christ’s Love for His Church. Making this one of the most cherished receptions for me on a personal side is that Kevin’s parents; Jack & Denise Halloran have been my most cherished Christian friens for well over 30 years. Jazlynn and Kevin looked spectacular and celebrated the night away on the dance floor with their guests. Their first dance was to “When God Made You” by the Newsboys and Natalie Grant. Other key moments included Jazlynn and her father performing a spectacular singing duet. The mother son dance where Kevin danced with his mother, Denise, to the Beatles’ “In My Life” caught everyones heart and attention. No matter what I put on, the dance floor was filled including Latin tunes, Current Top 40, Oldies or Line Dances. It was great also to Janet Cowell, our former administrator, and her husband Jeff. Check out the photos for all the big smiles. Best wishes to Jazlynn & Kevin.


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What Really Makes a Good Master of Ceremony?


After 25 years of maintaining a commitment to excellence we continue to set the standards for MC/DJs in Chicagoland.

Here are our Keys to being an Effective Master of Ceremony:

1) Being both Personal and Professional. It is not a matter of choosing one or the other. They are not mutually exclusive of each other, a good MC can and should be both. Being both professional, punctual and prepared along with communicating and engaging with the guests is vital.The details of the entire event should be preplanned with the client well ahead of time.

2) Focusing attention not on him or herself but on the true stars of the event, the client. Guests did not come out because of the MC, but because they are excited to celebrate the occasion with the bride & groom, birthday person etc… Just like one decides to go to a particular sporting event because of the players who will play not because of who is umpiring or officiating the game. A good MC deflects the attention away from himself.

3) Is in the moment. Performance can’t be faked, an effective MC needs to really want to be there and not just be their to collect a pay check. This attitude is illustrated so clearly in the MC’s demeanor and smile. Guests can feel the positive vibes and energy of the MC from the outset.

4) Has a wealth of experience to draw from. While most if not all of the events should be well scripted out ahead of time surprises do often occur and the experience MC can draw from his years of experience.

5) Having confidence without arrogance. A confident and sure voice is always more attractive to listen to and follow than a shaky and uncertain voice.
An effective MC should though never speak in an attitude of looking down on others in a condescending manner. Arrogance has no place in encouraging others to follow. One needs to communicate with others as equals which includes a spirit of approachability.

6) Communicates clearly and positively with a brevity of chosen words at selected moments. The MC should not ramble or bore the crowd. During dance time the DJ/MC should not talk between each song but let the music do most of the entertaining. With rare exceptions, only during transitions of new sets of music or for a special planned event should the MC talk and then only briefly with a short line or two.

7) Needs to always remember that he or she is the chosen spokesperson/voice to friends and relatives for the client on the occasion of a big event.

8) Understands that ones goal is not only to communicate and educate the guests as to the flow of the events but also and even more importantly to help create and enhance a celebratory atmosphere.

The Result Will Be An Awsome Event!!!

The Windy City Hitman


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Saint Patrick’s Day’s Biggest Tunes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Enjoy this list of some of the all-time greatest Irish Tunes:
Scan 4Scan 8

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Planning Forms

Clients in the past have enjoyed planning their reception/events by filling out our planning forms. They have used either our on-line forms found in our main menu option entitled; “Planning Forms” or by filling out the printed forms by hand. Either way they like that we have given them many solid suggestions but at the same time have not limited their choices to just the suggestions on the forms. This process goes all long way in achieving one of our two main goals for every event; Individual Customization of their event. Below is a sample of our most important form for receptions; “Music Selection Sheet” Scan 1

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A Salute To Our Troops


Scan 1.jpeg
I had the great privilege and honor to again have provided the sound and music for the Salute Inc (www.Saluteinc.org) Pizza Party to raise funds for families of wounded and deceased veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan. This year we moved the event to the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. There were approximately 600 in attendance on February the 6th. The four speaker sound system sounded fantastic, as in concert quality. I provided music for three different segments of the festivities including; Classic Rock, Oldies and Patriotic favorites during the 1st hour, our “Italian American Favorites” (http://www.windycityhitman.com/203/italian-american-favorites/) during the pizza dinner and a variety of tunes including 80’s, Motown, Rock, Disco, College Fight Songs, 70’s along with taking requests during the checking out of the auctions for the final hour and a half. The entire program was filled with focus on our military. The agenda included a Silent Auction, Welcome by Founders; Will & Mary Beth Beiersdorf, Speeches by Board Presidents Marc Gallant, Mike Terranova and Mayor Brad Stephens, Presentation of the Colors, National Anthem by Torran Crawford, POW Table with Ron White, “Amazing Grace” by Conor and John Michael Kelly, The Pizza & Salad, Video; “Transforming Live” with Personal Testimonials, and Fund-A-Need with host Bonnie Green and Gary Colabuono. An action packed night that raised much support for Salute and the families it supports. The highlight of the party for me though, was working with Country Singer Stephen Cochran and his playing partner, Matt Seay who both flew in from Nashville to perform and support our troops. Stephen has had three Billboard Top 40 Hits, has a new album coming out in the spring and most importantly is a Marine who has a heart for helping out needy military families. I had done the equipment setup for Stephen about seven years ago in Arlington Heights and we renewed our friendship to a higher personal level. Stephen and Matt sounded totally fantastic. The three of us even ended up going out for breakfast the next morning before I drove them to O’Hare. Check out the attached videos of their inspiring performance along with the action photos in this blog article.


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Kim’s Med School Grad Party


Just had a blast celebrating with Kim at her parents home in Bartlett with family and friends on January 24 on the ocassion of her graduation from Drexel Medical School. Since she went to school in Philadelphia we put on the “Rocky Theme” to introduce her before she took the mic to welcome everyone. The living and dinning rooms were where the dancing and lights happened. Played a good variety of tunes including a number of great disco sets. Kim especially enjoyed dancing to country line dances. We had done an event for Kim’s uncle a few years ago. Always love using our “Dancing Under the Stars” light. Check out the photos and videos.


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