Playing Sets of Music – Suggestion

Realize the importance of playing sets of music. When guests come out to dance to a certain type of music they are likely to stay out there for similar songs with a similar beat. Let’s not clear the dance floor by playing one type of song at a time (for example one Classic Rock Song, followed by one Disc Song, one Polka, one Slow Song and one Country Song) your guests will sit down after dancing to just one song. A great way to kill the momentum.The two keys in keeping the momentum going are; playing sets and beat mixing to avoid dead air time between songs. In addition, as your guests feel & understand the sets concept they will be more willing to get out of their chair and on to the dance floor because they have confidence that the DJ is going to play more than just one song of that genre. To assit our clients, our major playlists are divided by catagories of music, as well as our music collections on our Apple iMacs are even colored coded by music genre for easy grouping of sets.

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