Reunion in Peoria

It’s been 40 years for Peoria Central class of ’72 & time to reminisce, rekindle friendships & celebrate. We had the privilege to provide the music on August 31st for these graduates. The festivities occurred on the scenic banks of the Illinois River at the IVY Club, Illinois Valley Yacht & Canoe Club, ( ). It is always fun to play at a reunion because all the graduates tend to like the same music. Tunes from the years ’68 -72 were featured for the early hours of meet & reminisce with a transition to a variety of genres of music played during dance time. With our MegaSeg software program & our amazing collection of tunes we were able to easily pull up the big & lesser known hits from ’68-’72 era. The reunion began & ended with the same song “Stairway to Heaven.” I especially enjoyed playing a game with some of the graduates, greeting them in a most friendly way as if I was one of their fellow classmates, then receiving reactions such as; “you haven’t changed in years,” “you still look great” of “I remember when we were in class together.” Special thanks to my initial contacts from the class of ’72, Marcia Otterstrom & Joe Stowell for booking us. Check out this medley of classic dance hits which they enjoyed; “Vehicle”-Ides of March, “Bend Me, Shape Me”-The American Breed, “You Really Got Me”-The Kinks, “Devil With A Blue Dress”-Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels. Thanks again to the Peoria Central Lions class of ’72.

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