Rick & Jeanne plus Kids & Coke

We love doing theme weddings. “Coke” (Diet Coke) was the official soft drink of the Rick & Jeanne (Lightfoot) Bartells ceremony & reception on July 10th at Grazie!
In customizing their reception they made sure that they included the many children in the thrust of their celebration activities. They choose many kid & Family friendly songs including; “We Are Family”, “Hokey Pokey”, “Chicken Dance”, “YMCA”, “Macarena” and finished with the classic from the family movie, The Sound of Music – “So Long, Farewell.” Check out the Fun Limbo Contest photos & video. During dinner & sprinkeled in during dance time was a Word From Our Sponsor – “Coke.” Drawing from our amazing music library, in our commercial catagory, we were able to come up with these vessions of the “Coke” Theme; “Things Go better With Coke”, “I’d like To Buy The World A Coke”, and “It’s The Real Thing” all by different artists.

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