Robert & Elizabeth Ceremony & Reception

It is important to always be prepared for the unexpected. On August the 19th to the surprise of every one, especially toRobert & Elizabeth (Krezios) Croonborg, the minister when called upon to do the blessing prior to dinner had already left, with no other options Gary quickly applied his theological training and led the prayer.

Great reception with our uplights set to purple to match the theme. Ceremony, cocktails dinner & dance at The Seville. Our two athletic trainers (note the theme on their cake) and their guests danced this Friday night away till 1AM. They customized their own cocktail, dinner & dance music; big Neil Diamond fans, cake song; “Just You & Me” by Chicago, a lot of country, current selections including 3 Pitbull Tunes and a Greek Line dance where Elizabeth & Robert broke a dinner plate for “good luck.”

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