Saturday at The Grove – It was The 4th of July


It was Saturday in the Park and it was actually the 4th of July for the Thomas & Amie (Conway) Gebavi ceremony & reception outside at The Grove ( in Glenview. Relatives and friends witnessed their ceremony as well as actively participated in the celebration by dancing the night away to a variety of tunes. Appropriately The introduction song was “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago and by their choice we concluded the festivities with the same. The entire evening was filled with excitement on the dance floor whether to Oldies, fun Current Top 40, Disco or Romantic. In addition Thomas & Amie requested significant sets of Classic Rock, Country and Irish Jigs ( to be played which drew great dance action in the dance area of the pavilion. They even informed us of their favorite artists; Van Morrison, Queen, The Doors and Thin Lizzy which we played in abundance. Check out the dance videos and action photos with all the smiles. During both cocktail and dinner hours we put on 4th of July Tunes from our Patriotic Collection ( The Uplighting & Dancing Under The Stars helped made the Pavilion pop. Best wishes to Thomas & Amie and thanks for having us MC/DJ your wedding.



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