Start with a Fast or Slow Song?

IMG_8060For weddings, after all the specialty songs (bride & groom 1st dance, father/daughter & mother/son and bridal party) have been played, we have been asked whether it is wise to open the dance floor to all the guests with a slow or fast song? As in most answers to questions like this there is no absolute answer but one must consider the following:
1) The age and make up of the crowd. – With a more mature crowd a slow set just might be the way to get them out on the floor initially.
2) The focus of the music choices and preferences of the bride & groom. – This will be done through the submitted planning forms and pre event discussion. Some would like us to ease into the dancing gracefully and others want us to kick start it, a personal preference.
3) The genre of the last song played leading into the open dancing. – This can lead to a nice transition if the initial open dance is similar to the bridal party dance.
4) There are other ways of starting the open dancing successfully with momentum such as inviting all guests on the dance floor half way through the last specialty song.
5) It is also important as the MC/DJ, as the voice of the bride & groom, to clearly and enthusiastically invite all the guests on to the floor by request of the bride & groom.

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