The Positioning Speakers

I do not know how many times over the last 25 years, where I have been at a banquet hall and looked into another large room to see another DJ’s setup and seen the DJ place 2 speakers on each corner of the DJ table within 6 feet of each other instead of spreading his/her 2 speakers out. How pathetic, the DJ might as well only have used one single speaker to achieve the same result. All of the sound is coming from one spot and the result is that the guest tables near the speakers are getting an earful during dinner and the guest tables farther away are hardly able to hear at all. Check out the diagram below to see a proper setup (Top) resulting in an excellent distribution of sound verses an improper setup (Bottom) resulting in an in-balance of sound. The difference between happy clients and guests and irritated clients and guests.

Scan 4

Improper speaker setup also includes not having enough speakers to cover a large room with a large crowd, 2 speakers for a crowd of 300 is surely insufficient. Sound distribution and flow is hindered by objects (People) and by distance (Room Size). Another mistake is not elevating the speakers high enough on speaker stands to achieve proper sound projection within the room. The sound needs to project over the surrounding tables. Little things are really big things that make a big difference.

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