Want a Packed Dance Floor?

IMG_4939Getting & keeping the dance floor filled throughout the night does not just happen by accident. We have learned over 25 years and many thousands of events that implementing 4 logical & common sense rules will greatly increase the odds of having a full & exciting dance floor.
Rule (#1) Cut Out The Dead Air Time. Your Guests need to be dancing, not waiting and standing around for a song to gain momentum. Let’s eliminate the unnecessary long build up and drop off times. With our Apple I Mac Computers we mix tunes and match the beats seamlessly by trimming off the dead air time between songs and do it so skillfully that the guests on the dance floor don’t realize there was a transition. Guests aren’t wondering if the DJ forgot to put on the next song. By the way our backup system, an identical fully loaded Apple iMac Computer, will equal in performance to our 1st system, unlike many of our competitors who will bring just an IPod or CD player as a back up which will ultimately lead to dead air time between songs.

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