What Really Makes a Good Master of Ceremony?


After 25 years of maintaining a commitment to excellence we continue to set the standards for MC/DJs in Chicagoland.

Here are our Keys to being an Effective Master of Ceremony:

1) Being both Personal and Professional. It is not a matter of choosing one or the other. They are not mutually exclusive of each other, a good MC can and should be both. Being both professional, punctual and prepared along with communicating and engaging with the guests is vital.The details of the entire event should be preplanned with the client well ahead of time.

2) Focusing attention not on him or herself but on the true stars of the event, the client. Guests did not come out because of the MC, but because they are excited to celebrate the occasion with the bride & groom, birthday person etc… Just like one decides to go to a particular sporting event because of the players who will play not because of who is umpiring or officiating the game. A good MC deflects the attention away from himself.

3) Is in the moment. Performance can’t be faked, an effective MC needs to really want to be there and not just be their to collect a pay check. This attitude is illustrated so clearly in the MC’s demeanor and smile. Guests can feel the positive vibes and energy of the MC from the outset.

4) Has a wealth of experience to draw from. While most if not all of the events should be well scripted out ahead of time surprises do often occur and the experience MC can draw from his years of experience.

5) Having confidence without arrogance. A confident and sure voice is always more attractive to listen to and follow than a shaky and uncertain voice.
An effective MC should though never speak in an attitude of looking down on others in a condescending manner. Arrogance has no place in encouraging others to follow. One needs to communicate with others as equals which includes a spirit of approachability.

6) Communicates clearly and positively with a brevity of chosen words at selected moments. The MC should not ramble or bore the crowd. During dance time the DJ/MC should not talk between each song but let the music do most of the entertaining. With rare exceptions, only during transitions of new sets of music or for a special planned event should the MC talk and then only briefly with a short line or two.

7) Needs to always remember that he or she is the chosen spokesperson/voice to friends and relatives for the client on the occasion of a big event.

8) Understands that ones goal is not only to communicate and educate the guests as to the flow of the events but also and even more importantly to help create and enhance a celebratory atmosphere.

The Result Will Be An Awsome Event!!!

The Windy City Hitman


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