Why do playing musical sets = a packed dance floor?

Putting together sets of tunes will keep guests on the dance floor!

Keep the momentum, energy and continuity going. Those dancing to a particular song will continue to dance if similar music is played.

It’s worth their effort to get out of their chairs. Guests will get out on the floor with confidence that the DJ will play more than just one song from their favorite genre.

Makes planning fun, easy & strategic. With our major music lists broken down by category, one can easily create sets.

Avoids clearing the dance floor. Avoid the DJ who plays a single Classic Rock Song, followed by a Disco Tune, a Romantic Ballad, then a Country Song, a Top 40 Dance Tune, a Polka, a Line Dance and then a 80’s Dance tune. This is the surest way to seeing guests play musical chairs; getting up for one song and in their seats for the next.

Check out our Flyer on “How do you keep the dance floor packed? 4 Keys to maximizing the excitement at your event.” www.windycityhitman.com/downloads/how_to_keep_the_dance_floor.pdf

Let’s do it right.

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