Why Play Sets of Music?

IMG_5059Another big key in getting the most fun during dance time is to “Play Sets of Music”. Let’s keep the momentum going. Guests dancing to a particular type of music will continue to stay on the floor if similar music is played. Playing sets of music in a row produces excitement, energy, and continuity on the dance floor.
Let’s not clear the floor by playing one type of song at a time, your guests will sit down after just one dance. I don’t know how many times we have heard of events where a DJ would play a sequence of songs such as; a rock song followed by a rap song, a romantic song, a disco tune, a polka followed by a single country tune. The result is guests playing musical chairs, getting up and sitting down after just a single song ultimatley resulting in a near empty dance floor.
By playing sets you also gain the confidence of your crowd. When a guests hears a song from a genre of music he or she may like they are more likely to get out of their chair and onto the dance floor because they believe the DJ is going to play more than just one song of that type. The DJ needs to know how to put together sets and know how long to keep a paticular set going.

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