Yelp Review – Testimonial

IMG_1717Thanks to Brad & Jackie (Houriet) Gillaspie for this wonderful unsolicited Yelp Review, who had us at their reception on June 20, 2015, at The Lehmann Mansion.

“I wish I knew where to begin with this AMAZING DJ company… To say that I was impressed is an understatement. My husband and I chose to use them for our wedding because they came highly recommended by my dad, who knows Gary Templin personally. About 8 months out from our wedding we booked our date and Gary had us over to his home (which is where his office is, which was awesome because it felt so personal) and talked with us about what we wanted and what we didn’t want. He took EXTENSIVE notes, which impressed me, and then he showed us what each of the different packages he offered would include–lights and all right there in his office! Gary was extremely thorough, and that is something I appreciate in a wedding vendor.

All of the music planning is done online after the initial meeting with Gary, which is awesome. You can make a must play list, a maybe play list, and a do not play list, so if you HATE the chicken dance like me, you can make sure it’s not played! You can also add in games if you want! You also choose songs for your entrance and your garter and bouquet toss, and put literally all the information you could think of online, and Gary gets the forms. It was so cool!

The week of our wedding Gary called me to go over everything and I was once again impressed by his thoroughness. He had all of my info, went over every detail, asked questions (including how to pronounce each bridesmaid’s and groomsman’s names, and that was that! I felt so at peace and for once felt like someone had everything under control–probably for the first time in the entire wedding planning process!

The day of our wedding (June 20 of this year) was the next time I saw Gary and it was when we were being announced into our reception which went off like a hitch as did our first dances.

Dinner music was Bing Crosby/Frank Sinatra style which people told me they loved, and I was impressed by how well the music could be heard all over the reception space! The Windy City Hitman’s sound system truly is incredible. Throughout the night Gary would come check in with me to make sure I was happy, which I really appreciated.

Next came the dancing, and I was SO EXCITED to see what Gary could do. The company’s whole motto is that they can read and pack the dance floor, and keep it packed with all ages, and that is EXACTLY what they did. I was BLOWN away. The first song he played was “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon, and I expected it to just be the bridal party, but it felt like the whole room converged on the dance floor! And that lasted ALL NIGHT. The dance floor was jam packed, even our grandmas were out there dancing to songs like “Gold Digger” by Kanye West! I was totally impressed. One of my favorite moments was when Gary played “Chelsea Dagger” since the Hawks won the Cup this year, and the dance floor was so packed, EVERYONE was singing/screaming along, and it felt like Gary had just surrounded me with everyone I loved the whole time we danced.

I am truly impressed by the amazing job done by Gary of the Windy City Hitman, and I HIGHLY recommend them for weddings, or even a bar or bat mitzvah. I had people coming up to me saying that it was the BEST wedding reception they had ever been to, and they had never seen a dance floor so packed. Chicago/Wisconsin/Indiana weddings, PLEASE use The Windy City Hitman as your DJ, I promise you will not be disappointed!!!”

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